Spread the mission of Filippa K: mindful consumption. Encouraging people to buy fewer but better pieces and encourage the fashion industry to slow down.


Instead of contributing to the thoughtless over-consumption of Black Friday, we set up a campaign focusing on Filippa K's core collection of permanent pieces that are always available and never on sale. We encouraged people to go glow during black Friday and go for investment pieces, they will wear over and over again and keep for years. When the industry goes fast, we go slow #WeGoSlow

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

To encourage people to go glow during Black Friday, UPR set up an influencer marketing campaign with 10 local influencers with a different focus (branding, commercial and sustainable). The influencers created content with their selection from the Filippa K core collection. In their content, they created awareness for this campaign and they called their followers to go slow and invest in long-lasting items and not participate in the Black Friday madness. Influencer marketing campaign 10 influencers sustainable focus personal contact