How to highlight a client’s 95th (!) birthday and complementary limited edition collection mid-pandemic when any type of event or personal contact is impossible.


UPR combined traditional PR tactics, sending out a wide range press release and pitching for relevant specials, with a creative influencer campaign and media buying. To highlight the golden collection and it’s message of “crafting memories”, we partnered with Moët and created a special golden giftbox with limited edition B&O A1 speaker and mini bottle of champagne for an intimate celebratory moment for two. We also used a QR code to incentivize sharing of the campaign video. This social campaign alone reached almost 2M people. Additionally we set up a 360° campaign with Trends Style, including print, online advertising, editorial and branded content, to guarantee exposure all through the end of year period. Overall we reached well north off 3million people and multiplied our initial investment by 21. (ROI 2083%)


Event organization, intimate setting

Because we were in the middle of the second wave of the corona virus, we decided to keep it small and intimate. We invited editors for a private tour by the Head of Retail, Head of Design, architect and CEO on the day before the consumer opening. This way, we were able to do some proper storytelling and have quality time with editors. It was the perfect opportunity to work on that connection with them, and the brand.